I (Tara Maginnis), am best known for two things, both a bit confusingly, called The Costumer’s Manifesto.  One is an actual Costumer’s Manifesto, written in 2002 as a personal statement of purpose and ethics for my profession that I’d been struggling with writing for decades.  This is routinely taught in Costume Design classes, HS drama classes, and is often posted in costume studios.  The other, better known “Costumer’s Manifesto”, was a web site, begun in 1996, which was the largest costume related site from then till about 2008, when my current life circumstances required I nearly abandon it.  From 2010-2014  I was paying a series of people to convert it to a wiki, so that the site users could update it on their own.  This has proven to be a disaster, since despite spending a fortune on code conversion, the current site is a hopeless jumble of missing pages and images, which not only has never been able to be updated by users, but which has, for long periods, even been inaccessible to me.  I am now working on building a new one which hopefully will replace the current mess.

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